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It's COFFEE o'clock

Do you know which time of the day that appropriate to drink coffee the most??

Do you know which time of the day that appropriate to drink coffee the most?? ⏰☕

Coffee is the most popular drink for working people because it tastes delicious as people's preference. And consuming some caffeine in proper quantity is helpful to stimulate your work performance better.

Have you ever acknowledged a good timing for having a cup of coffee like which time you can perceive the most effective of coffee? Then now, we should learn about coffee together.

🛏 3 hours after waking up

Many people have a misunderstanding about drinking coffee, some of them drink coffee immediately after they have just woken up. In which, this theory is totally affecting them to have a high rate of stressfulness. Importantly, If we rapidly drink coffee after waking up, the body will gain too much stress.

☕ 30 minutes before lunch (For the second cup of coffee)

Coffee should be drunk before you are asleep at noon or evening, which will stimulate your body as energetic as you need.

🍵 The afternoon’s drink should contain low caffeine

Besides drinking coffee, drinking a low caffeine drink at noon is apparently increasing your energy during the day, also optimizing your metabolism. Furthermore, it does affect your diet to be easier.

😴 Avoiding drinking coffee before bed

Because of the long digest caffeine, the caffeine can stay in hours blood around 4-6 hours, hence you should not drink coffee at least 6-8 hours before bedtime. In a day, the proper quantity of caffeine in the human body is lower than 400 milligrams a day (4 cups). If the body consumes caffeine more than the previous number, Our body would receive a bad effect.

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