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Kick start your morning the way it should be with scrumptious Wake Up Wrap n' Roll.

Easy Delicious is a quality Grab & Go meal that is delectable with firm bites of filling, easy for eating, and handy taking away from Wake Up Coffee.

Wake Up Coffee offers you a parade of deliciousness today with Wrap n' Roll menus in the concept of “Everyday Easy Delicious”. This will be served as a ready sandwich in which quality ingredients were intensely selected to create a delicious sandwich, it is easy to carry and healthy. Significantly, the menus are qualified and satisfied tasty, similar to a chef is cooking it at the shop. This answers the customer behavior trend on a recent day.

The following are Wrap n' Roll that we delicately make 6 fillings for your selection;

Wrap n’ Roll Chicken Panang

It is a menu that cuts soft chicken meat into bite-sized pieces and mixes it with Panang Sauce which this method makes a mildly spicy, a little sweet, a little salty, delicious, complete in one filling. Then, if it is baked, it will bring out an aroma of curry paste. The chicken that has been carefully selected is soft, bouncy meat, easy to chew, juicy, not hard, and irritating to the tongue, these make it go perfectly with Authentic Thai Panang Sauce.

Wrap n’ Roll Chicken Green Curry

Green Curry lovers must love this Wrap n’t Roll which has been seasoned to the authentic flavor of coconut milk curry. It has a soft touch of firm chicken meat and every bite is full of flavor, fragrant, delicious, and mellow flavor. Besides, it is not too sweet or too spicy, so the children can eat it.

Wrap n’ Roll Cheesy Sausage

This menu is a perfect combination of sausage and cheese by bringing out the good taste of premium sausages, in which sausages are cut into a bite-sized to serve with quality cheese. When eating these ingredients together, you can sense the delicate aroma of sausages and cheeses that have been mixed perfectly. It is also combined with mayonnaise, which is a little bit sweet and slightly sour. This menu is guaranteed that its deliciousness will break your patients until you can not hold it.

Wrap n’ Roll Smoke Chicken Slice Parmesan

For those who like chicken and cheese, you might not want to miss the mozzarella cheese topped with smoked chicken slices, which are very soft and it was cut to a bite-sized. With its rich flavor and aroma of cheese, so this menu is another popular filling Wrap n’ Roll. It is the best seller forever in the shop.

Wrap n’ Roll Creamy Leek Mushroom & Cheese

The menu is for a healthy person who eats vegetarian foods. This menu is richly filled with mushrooms and onions, mixed with juicy carbonara sauce. It is a thin crust pizza but it is delicious and fluffy soft which is also giving an exotic flavor and fragrant smell of spices that were cooked together.

Wrap n’ Roll Spinach & Cheese

A fluffy pizza dough filled with stuffed spinach, full of pieces, and stretchy cheese is the most satisfying popular menu of the shop. When it is being baked, the aroma of spinach mixing with the smell of cheese is a treasure. Its smell boosts people's appetite. Thus, it is guaranteed that its deliciousness is exist and it is good for your health. The more you eat it, the more delicious it will be, especially when it is still hot.

For those who looking for quality Grab and Go meals at affordable prices, we challenge you to try “Wrap n' Roll” from Wake Up Coffee. It is guaranteed that it is more delicious than the prices, it is worth paying. Because of the deliciousness, you must come back to try it again for sure.

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