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Investment attractive franchise, easily makes income, fast returning capital, be confident with a professional marketing management team

A coffee shop that is more extraordinary, a creative space, and exchanges ideas for the new generation 24 hrs a day.
We are ready to give advice, support sustainable coffee shops, and let your business grow as you had expected. Also, ready to meet the needs of dreamers who want to open a coffee shop or who are interested in expanding businesses by focusing on a sustainable business and a good growth rate.

Wake Up Coffee is a Co-Working Café franchise model which aims to provide experiences and a good time for coffee lovers through devoted work and well-selected coffee beans. Besides, we pay attention to every production process and the Wake Up is also open 24 hours to meet consumer lifestyles of all ages; students, uni students, office workers, as well as guests in the hotel.

Wake Up Coffee Franchise Highlights

  • Have a clear brand image which is a Co-Working Café. It is suitable for meeting, chatting, and working. The franchise spreads to almost every branch of the B2 hotel chain that making a good brand image and catchy for customers to remember.

  • Using 100% Arabica coffee from a roasting factory that has been certified for quality standards. It is a coffee at an accessible price and starting at only THB 45.-, which is considered a price that the general public can afford.

  • Using modern technology that reaches customers’ needs quickly. It is convenient in terms of being easy to manage the store. There is a POS system that allows effective management, including support for multiple payment channels.

  • Training is provided for franchisees so that employees will be ready to perform their duties in accordance with the principles of Wake Up Coffee’s standard operating.

  • There are more than 100+ hot and cold menus available for sale. The new menus will be always updated for free. Additionally, every franchise investor must be trained to meet the same standards and quality.

  • Wake Up Coffee not only has drinks but it also has an American food style which is “Wrap n Roll”. This menu is easy to have and it is delicious, it is a perfect combination of authentic Thai food and western food. The menu contains plenty of nutrients that are good for the human body. There are 6 types of “Wrap n Roll” for selecting which suit for every gender and all age. 

  • Minimize risks by B2 hotel chain management standards, which yields good results as a fast-growing business. There is a management team to provide advice, training, marketing, and follow-up throughout the business path. Hence, there is no need to solve problems alone.

If you are interested to join the franchise Wake Up Coffee, you can contact us via Email: or fill out the form below

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