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Retreat your office syndrome by Wake Up Coffee!

Coffee is not only a coffee but it is immortal medicine for millennials or office workers nowadays. Also, it would be unlively if you have to work inside the office from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., thus changing your workplace is a better method to increase your imagination and creativity.

Wake Up Coffee acknowledges the problems that distract people during working hours and discovers factors to enhance working competency. The main problems that people faced at the workplace are chaos, depression, and being uncomfortable by hierarchy. In which some times it is better to escape these disturbances during the day.

As mentioned above, cafes, coffee shops, or natural environments mainly affect work competency could absolutely enhance working competency rather than working in the same environment every day. This is why many co-working spaces always change their appearance and seasonally decorate the shop.

Changing the working environment and workplace is very effective in 2018 before Work From Home and Workcation being popular among various enterprises. These kinds of working styles become megatrends in 2021 after the pandemic of COVID-19 had gotten better.

Currently, you may consider your work conditions and start figuring out that does your work needs to be done in your office or not, if it is not, the next step is to think that can your work be done by remotely working or hybrid. And you may need to negotiate with your employer that is possible to work like other companies’ working policy afterward.

Which cafe is the most suitable for “Work from café” ?? This question Wake Up Coffee can immediately answer with ease. There is nowhere would compete with Wake Up Coffee due to the following reasons;

1. Nicest Coffee guarantee by 100% genuine arabica coffee beans from the best coffee plantation.

2. Spacious co-working space and private space.

3. Full services in terms of working equipment such as power sockets, etc.

4. There are many kinds of cakes and sandwiches for having and for Grab & Go.

5. It opens 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Living in the 21st century, mental health while working is as crucial as physical health. Wake Up Coffee tries to comprehensively respond to the office workers as much as possible. Therefore, we are delicate on every menu to boost your energy and build a working space that comforts you from depression and stress. If you are bored or tired just think about Wake Up Coffee, we are always to remedy and energize you to be happy.

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