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Coming soon!! Located in the heart of Lamphun

Ph.D. Niran Chawla, CEO of Wake Up Coffee, had signed the contract with Mr. Wuttipong Wongsomboon for expanding the franchise of Wake Up Coffee, for one more branch in the middle of the Lamphun town, the opposite Chak Kham Khanathon School, Lamphun Province.

Clearly, Wake Up Coffee in front of the Chak Kham Khanathon School is one of the branches. This shop focuses on increasing the potential of the brand to be able to respond to the needs of the lifestyle of the new generation of consumers, who needs to immerse themselves in the authentic taste of 100% arabica coffee. The coffee beans were delivered from the high-standard plantation and roasting plants. Surprisingly, the prices are affordable and accessible easily. Moreover, the shop also meets the customer’s needs in terms of co-working space for the young generation who like to invent and create new ideas without limitation of time.

Subsequently, the interior design is warm & cozy, also it has a simple stylish which is covered with warmth and friendliness. There are installed with full facilities such as electrical outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi. It is available 24 hours a day so that customers can express their creativity freely. In addition, the shop is located in front of Chak Kham Khanathon School where close to attractions, local restaurants, parks, government offices, etc. Importantly, there is the Queen Chamdhevi Monument which is the center of the mind of Lamphun people. Also, the journey from Wake Up Coffee to the bus station and Lamphun train station takes less than 10 minutes.

On this occasion, opening a new branch this time is considered a good launch of the Wake Up Coffee, the brand comes with a high standard and professional management. For anyone who is interested in becoming a franchisee with us, you can reach the company by using the following contact Email: — Wake Up Coffee is ready to give advice and support sustainable coffee shop businesses, which help you to reduce the risk/cost of running a new business. In particular, the shop is ready to guide you to grow your business as intended and faster.

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